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The Impossible Garden - Luke Jerram

Published on 06 Sep 2018

by Peter Turner. During Luke's recent residency with local Ophthalmologist Cathy Williams, he had the idea for the The Impossible Garden Sculptures. Luke's previous works include 'Park & Slide', the water slide on Park Street (2014), the fishing boat flotilla in Leigh Woods (2015) and the 'Play me I'm Yours' street pianos around Bristol in 2017. Luke said “As someone who is colour-blind, I’m fascinated by the processes of visual perception. Over the years, many of my artworks have explored the processes and limitations of vision and how the mind interprets the things we’re looking at.” “With many of the exhibits it’s what’s happening in the space around each object, that interests me, as well as the journey of information between the object and mind of the viewer. As an artist I’m keen to explore the edges of perception and to communicate and share my findings with the public” said Luke. The Impossible Garden will be presented at the University of Bristol Botanic Garden until November 2018. There is a charge for adults to enter the gardens (£5.50) but children go free.

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Post Op Accreditation CET Event

Newmedica Bristol would like to invite you to our optometrist post-op accreditation and ophthalmology event. You will receive a warm welcome to Litfield House from the Newmedica team offering you drinks and a buffet on arrival, affording you to take an opportunity to meet with your optical and ophthalmology colleagues.

CLO:Yes  DO:Yes  OO:Yes

Date(s) available 6th September 2018