Avon LOC consists of up to 12 members. Elections for vacancies on the LOC take place at the Annual General Meeting, and a term of office is 3 years.

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The LOC Constitution

Members are listed below, along with their LOC e-mail addresses and a brief description of their roles in the LOC.


Amar Shah

Franchisee community Optometrist in Bristol; volunteer links to Action for Blind and Vision North Somerset.
Point of contact for general queries; new commissioning lead for the CCG, special interest in Low Vision and paediatric projects.

Vice Chair

Peter Turner

Peter is a community independent Optometrist, Glaucoma specialist and Senior hospital Optometrist.
For the LOC he is Director and Clinical lead of the Primary Eye Care Company which is currently involved in commissioning for the North Somerset repeat measures scheme. Primary contact for repeat measures schemes across the Avon area.


Andrew Pinn

Andrew is a community Independent Optometrist in Bristol.
Any invoicing queries; Director of the Primary Eye Care Company; Primary contact for any post Op Cataract queries.


Amy Hughes

Amy is a locum working mainly for independent practices in BANES and Bristol and that I also conduct research and am working towards a PhD. Our secretary, the general contact for any admin queries.

BaNES Lead

Andrew Edwards

Andrew is an independent community Optometrist in Bath.
He is our lead for any Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) queries.

Lynne Fernandes

Lynne is a community Optometrist with three practices in and around Bristol. Working for the LOC in a support role on the committee.

John Hopcroft

John is an Optometrist and enhanced services manager in the multiple sector.

Mark Humphrey-Ali

Mark is a Dispensing Optician and independent practice owner.

Jenifer Ogidi

Jenny is an independent community Optometrist.


Anne-Ita is an Optometrist joint venture partner in Bristol.